Manga Hero has received numerous endorsements, accolades, and media mentions from news outlets, parents and prominent Christians. Here are just a few.

Tim StaplesCatholic Evangelist

"It's always exciting to see the lives of such holy and heroic people promoted and to see their stories being told. It's particularly pleasing to see how the Manga Hero books are reaching out and delivering these stories to young people in a popular style they can relate to... Manga Hero books are fulfilling an essential role in the Church's mission of bringing the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world."

Mike AquilinaExecutive Vice President, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, Author, EWTN Host & Catholic dad

"At last - Catholic manga that's as good as the popular stuff. I overheard my daughter's friend say, 'I always think of popes as always being popes. I never think of them growing up.' This manga will give kids such good thoughts."

National Catholic RegisterRead the article

"True to its name, the company develops stories about heroes and heroines who display virtues such as honor, sacrifice, courage, faith, wisdom and love."

Catholic DigestRead the article

"Maybe you’ve seen a young person reading them. Maybe you’ve run across shelves of them in your local bookstore. Or maybe you’ve never encountered them at all. But whatever your familiarity with the books of visual storytelling known as manga (pronounced mahn-gah), you may not have heard of its recent connection to the Catholic faith."


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